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Why invest in social media?

buy lexapro brand online We understand that is often difficult for a business to decide which marketing channel to allocate resources to when there are so many options. 90% of people search for businesses online and a strong social media plan improves your SEO results meaning when people search for you, you’ll be higher on the search engine results! Social media also allows you to discover your audience, interact with them and create your marketing campaign to suit your core demographic.

Why only services on Facebook?

go to site In the social media world, Facebook is KING. It is the most used platform online with 15 million users in Australia alone. There are approximately 24 million Australians. This means 62.5% of the total Australian population has a Facebook account! According to a study conducted by Invesp, 74% of consumers rely on Facebook posts to making a buying decision. The data Facebook gives you in invaluable and a key instrument in why The Social Managers key focus is Facebook.

Is social media appropriate for my business?

enter site Digital and social considerations are definitely important to your business as it provides potential customers with information about your brand in real-time. Facebooks database of users is the fastest wat to build your community and create a long term relationship with potential customers. Facebook allows you to identify who follows you, where they are and what the age range is, helping you provide end to end service to the audience that is responding to your brand.

Isn't social media only important for businesses with customers of a young age?

This may have been the case 10 years ago, but social media has evolved well beyond this. In fact, according to recent studies, Facebook users in Australia over the age of 35 make up 5million+ of the stats.

How do I track my return on investment, i'm a small business and this is important?

Facebook is essentially word of mouth, which is one of the most powerful forms of advertising – can see the opportunities social media brings, that traditional forms of advertising and marketing can’t. Your Social Media Manager will track the performance of your Facebook ads.

Why should I pay someone when Facebook is free?

Advertising on Facebook, while extremely important, is best managed by experts who understand the data and are constantly keeping up with any changes to the Ad platform. If you are considering using Facebook for business purposes, our team at The Social Managers will monitor the growth of your presence and relay valuable data to ensure your social media marketing is running smoothly and the correct measures are being taken by professionals.

I need more than what is in the package, can you help?

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